God’s Simple Salvation Plan for humanity… ONLY through JESUS

7. rutnerh | March 11, 2015 at 10:07 AM,  my imported comment from the blog site of Dr Fred DeRuvo, aka modres, with over 5000 viewers, not all Christians:

Excellent exposition of God’s salvation plan as the ONLY WAY to heaven. Your emphasis on John 14;6 is of utmost importance since, in my opinion, it is foundational in setting Christianity apart from all other religions. In the original Greek, it reads not “a” but THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE, hence are absolutes unique and seen only in Jesus as Man and God. It undergirds the perfect credentials and credibility of Jesus as God in the triune Godhead who never spoke a lie. Thus his comments on any subject or event in the pages of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation validates it as true, be it the Creation account of the Universe and all therein including Man and all His miracles. Meaning every word that He spoke MUST be accepted by His followers aka Christians as absolutely true.. Any so called christian disbelieving any statement of Jesus in the divinely inspired Scriptures is in effect calling Him a liar! It would disquailfy the doubter as a true follower or christian, and I would hate to be in his/her shoes when being judged by Jesus after death.
John 14;6 is also the most exclusive, intolerant and revolutionary statement ever made by anyone on earth. It in effect marks all other religions not merely as inconsequential trivial pursuits, but as Satan inspired cults sending past, present and future multitudes or multi billions of misled followers, or the “many” in Jesus words, to an eternity in hell. Wow! How much more revolutionary can anyone be?
I recently asked the communist owner of a bookstore specializing in revolutionary books who, in his opinion, was the most consequential and revolutionary person who ever lived. His obvious answer: Mao, to which I replied, No, Jesus and here is why. Over the next 5 min of our remarkably amicable dialog I was able to rebut his conventional atheistic criticisms of the Bible largely on the basis of dispensationalism which overcomes most of the apparent Biblical inconsistencies. His parting words were unexpected: I will think about it. Hope he does and act upon it.
8. modres | March 11, 2015 at 11:17 AM

Thanks for your words of encouragement and great job with your discussion with the bookstore owner. I will pray for him!


Drinkable tap water

I had mentioned in an earlier blog on Dr Greger’s site suggesting phytate for chelating lead and other toxic metals in water. Phytates are naturally present in whole grains, hence should naturally bind toxic metals in cereals. Tap water can be freed of lead, iron and residual aluminum (added as a flocculating agent during water processing), by adding a small amount or about 50 mg IP-6 powder per quart of tap water.

Fluoride in water (and in tea ) can be complexed as less toxic fluoroborate by simultaneously adding about 10 mg boric acid powder ( still sold in some drugstores; non toxic boric acid also restores arthritic joints) per quart, then boiling the water in a glass or porcelain pot to expel volatile organics, chlorine, halocarbons, etc.

Also adding a teaspoon of prerinsed granular fish tank charcoal ( preboiled and decanted to wash out fine charcoal) before boiling further destroys microbes and viruses and also removes non volatile organics like most drugs and metabolites, estrogens and mimics, pesticides, plasticisers etc.

After cooling and decanting you have quadruple purified drinking water cleaner than most so called Spring waters, actually transported Maine river or tap water or most costly cartridge purified waters. The charcoal can be left in the pot and reused about 10 times.



Shakespeare’s Hamlet faced a universal and thought provoking question all of us need to address in our transient earthly lives preceding our eternal destinies:

…..to die to sleep……. per chance to dream? Ah, there is the rub, for  in that sleep what dreams may come when we have shuffled off this mortal coil….

Excerpt of Hamlet’s soliloquy by William Shakespeare